YACHT-MASTER II Fully Explanation and Use Guide

YACHT-MASTER II of the case from a single piece made of 18K gold or platinum, table diameter also reached the middle of the current Rolex models most of all: 42.6 mm. Also equipped with a shoulder pad to protect the highest three-button lock list. Start the Stop button at 2 o’clock position, the reset button at 4 o’clock position. And set the countdown time was entirely Ring Command Bezel ring bezel has. Other great Swiss brand, Invicta, also gain much popularity. If you are interested, here is a completed Invicta watch review to help you buy the best Invicta watches without hassle.

There are two versions of Ring Command Bezel, Gold engraved gold version with the number of blue ceramic bezel, while the platinum version is equipped with similar YACHT-MASTER platinum bezel. When the 90-degree rotating bezel when the countdown functionality can be configured and locked last time. Although the last feature is very complicated, but because of the movement and the outer ring Rolex perfect match, making YACHT-MASTER II is very easy to use.

Oyster yacht Malibu II operation is very simple, just use a single hand can quickly set the countdown. Similarly, they simply press a button simultaneously with the official countdown to the start / stop, default or synchronization.

1. In the rowing competition time

Press the start/stop button, while the countdown.
In the countdown to the end of the minute hand will automatically stop at 0, the second hand to rotate.

2 synchronous countdown (if required)

In the official signal, sound or display: Press the reset button highlighted. Last minute hand will be automatically moved to the location of the nearest minute, while the last seconds will automatically return to 0. When the reset button is released, the countdown minute and second hands will automatically begin operation.

3 to stop the countdown by pressing start/stop button

4 Reset the countdown

Determine the countdown has stopped, press the reset button. Last minute hand will return to the last set time, the countdown will automatically return to 0 seconds. Countdown to start again.

5 Set the countdown time

First, determine the countdown has stopped. The outer ring rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. “Yacht Malibu II” should match the name on the list crown, this will lock the start, stop button. Press the reset button, you can hear a “clicking”, following button. Unscrew the crown to position 1 on the list, do not pull out the shaft (as in the manual on the chain). Spend the direction of rotation on the linked list chain crown to adjust the minute hand minute hand to the target location.

From 0 minutes to 10 minutes, last minute hand will run every 1 minute. To 10 minutes, if the user continues to rotate the crown, last minute hand will automatically return to 0.

Outer ring clockwise to 90 degrees back to the original position.

You can hear a “clicking”, which will reset button to return to its original position and unlock the start / stop button.

Press and tighten the crown on the list.

Has been set based on good time, countdown function can be re-operation.

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