Where to Use Ultrasonic Cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is a powerful and efficient cleaning machine. It can perform excellently on many small parts cleaning, especially for those which require professional polishing and cleaning so to make sure the accuracy of work in their system.

The ultrasonic cleaner can be applied in the wide range of business, including jewelry pieces, wrist watch, dental or other medical instruments, firearms parts, industrial like auto parts. optical parts, eyeglasses, lens and so on. It is safe, clean and no harm to users. These cleaners also extend its usage into a home to save much expense and time.

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Jewelry pieces are quite suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. If you have jewelry shop, you require to maintain and care a lot of small jewelry on a regular base. There are also returned customers who require professional treatment on their old and dirty jewelry. It is not realistic to get all these done only by hand. A high-frequency ultrasonic cleaner with big water tank can easily give a lot of jewelry pieces a complete cleaning and polishing in short circling time, then save you much time to work on other business.

While cleaning jewelry, you must be aware some gemstone jewelry, e.g emerald, ruby, crystal jewelry, is not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Natural pearls and diamond are also not suggested for cleaning in the way of ultrasonic. These powerful ultrasonic wave might damage these stone, change the internal structure so to lose their sparklingness after cleaning. Most of the gemstone jewelry come with small beads or ball decoration, so if using the ultrasonic cleaner, the power might loosen those small charm beads and damage the jewelry in the end.

Some delicate small parts, like watches, gun parts, lens, are also good for ultrasonic cleaning. The ultrasonic wave is generated from an inset device, transducer, then travel through water to make cavitation. Typically, these ultrasonic sound wave can reach through any space of dirty items. So, the grimes and particles, even in deep groove and holes, can still be removed by ultra wave vibration.

Many small parts require complete clean so as to make sure the fidelity of working system. A professional ultrasonic cleaner can deliver this high level of cleaning fidelity that the normal manual work could not reach usually.

There is also industrial level ultrasonic cleaner which usually large in size and powerful in frequency. There is wide implement of ultrasonic cleaning across many industries. Automobile business can use it to clean fuel injector. Some disk drives and many small brass metal parts can also be cleaned using the ultrasonic machine.

Medical is another important implement for the ultrasonic cleaner. Medical instruments require a high level of cleaning and polishing. An ultrasonic cleaner can perform very well to deliver such high level of cleaning. A specific ultrasonic denture cleaner can give the best protection from dirty or shortness of lifespan. Some cleaners are specially designed for medical usage, so just make sure the cleaner you buy can well satisfy your own cleaning needs.