Girls Charm Bracelets and Cleaning Tips

Whether you like a bangle with some jangle or a solid, stately cuff, TrinketSea’s bracelet collection has them all. From subtle to standout, this perfect accessory is a versatile addition to your accessory collection. Slip an adorable charm bracelet onto your wrist or work an elegant tennis bracelet for a special occasion- no look is complete with out a bracelet! And why spend more for similar looks? If you want a designer-inspired bangle or a Tiffany-inspired cuff, TrinketSea’s got the bracelet for you.

Cuff Bracelets

Super-fashionable celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway have been known to rock cuffs on the red carpet – so we have a feeling you’ll love our selection of chic cuff bracelets. Epitomizing dramatic style, these eye-catching bracelets can be worn on your wrist or higher – if you dare! From elegant to eclectic, TrinketSea’s cuff bracelets are an arresting addition to your wardrobe.

Anita’s Fine Sterling Silver Apple Heart Bracelet

You’ll be the apple of his eye with this Tiffany-inspired bracelet! Made from fine sterling silver, the streamlined bracelet ties in a beautiful knot, from which a gold apple pendant dangles. This fascinating bracelet is made with high quality .925 sterling silver. It easily adds silver touch while with your wrist wing. A perfect bracelet gift for any girl you care.

Ava’s Sterling Silver Heart Ribbon Bracelet

Wrapped beautifully around your wrist like a romantic ribbon, this great bracelet features dozens of delicately designed, heavenly hearts that interlock, showing that love goes on and on forever. Crafted from sturdy, sparkling sterling silver, this precious heart piece is a perfect gift for someone you love. Comfortable, cute, and optimistic, we’re sure you’ll get into a romantic state of mind with our darling silver heart ribbon bracelet.

Henrietta’s Fine Sterling Silver Heart Bangle Bracelet

Two hearts become one with this stunning, fine sterling silver bracelet. No need to fuss with clasps or closures, this sleek bangle slips on and off with ease – reminiscent of the many wonderful looks of that more expensive jeweler, Tiffany.

How to clean charm bracelets easily

The fashion bracelets can perfectly add wrist charm. However, these small jewelry accessories might lose their charming sparklingness if they are the lack of proper cleaning and maintenance. Actually, most of the fashion bracelets, just like many other fashion pieces of jewelry, are the just cheap replacement on those expensive ones. In another word, they might lose their value in short term. However, if you give careful cleaning on the regular base, you can definitely wear these charm bracelets for a long term.

If your charm bracelets come with many small pieces of beads decoration or made with gemstone, pearls and valuable metal, e.g gold, sterling silver, you should clean them with caution. Home used toothbrush and toothpaste can usually work well. Some soft cleaning clothes can give good polishing and cleaning. If some grime is hard to remove, you can try specific cleaning solution. They are usually effective to dissolve many stubborn stains.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is another good option to get these work done. The ultrasonic cleaner can get rid of grime and stains and give completed cleaning in a few cleaning circle. Most of these cleaners come with a water tank where you can put a lot of jewelry pieces for cleaning. Although it is powerful and efficient, it is not suitable for fragile jewelry or any jewelry made with gemstone. Ultrasonic sound wave power might damage the internal structure of gemstone or pearl balls.